LAM BUI Company is a design and retail company offering services in:

  • interior design;
  • architecture;
  • retail home furnishing and accessories

Our commitment

LAM BUI's commitment is to bring our clients services and products that inspire them to live a better life by being in a better surrounding. Our services and products are designed to deliver a unique level of aesthetics and functionality

Our beginning

  • Founded in 2004 by a team of an entrepreneur and an interior designer
  • Their vision for LAM BUI is to bring to clients the exceptional integrity in services and quality in products

Our passion

We believe that working hard is the only way
With our creative designs and habitual working ethics, we consistently deliver to meet the unique needs of each client

We believe the true beauty should look graceful and make you feel good
Our finishing projects are designed to inspire a greater sense of completeness and a tingling of excitement

We believe the best expression should be by the best presentation
Our creative design and meticulous execution are tailored to enhance our clients particular requirements and living lifestyle

We believe in the daily gentleness and goodness
Our unique collection of products celebrates the everyday delights found in living

What makes us unique

  • Integrity, quality and creativeness
  • Results-driven services and products deliver a wonderful experience

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